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Oh Joy

Went to bed around midnight, and thought 'I'm not really tired, I'll read for a little bit.' Well,, that was a bad move...3 1/2 hours later, I finally turn in, only to wake up at 7am to the alarm, wide awake and doing fine.

Now, this I just don't get. I sleep plenty, I wake up comatose. I sleep 3 and a half hours, I wake up fine. My bod is so weird sometimes...I have the creeping dread that sometime this afternoon, I'm gonna just collapse for the rest of the day.

LJ is getting weird again. I know they just did some updates last night, but yeesh. Yesterday, I had a post of someone else's from 3 days ago show up on my friends list for the first time. Dated properly and all, though...and today, a post from a MONTH ago, that I remember seeing, showed up AGAIN. Ah well, I know they are trying, and I support them anyweay. Hell, I'd DO support, if I had any programming knowledge.

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