God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Well, THIS Sucks

So, it dawned on me that my driver's license expires on my birthday this year, and besides, it's stilla Tennessee license, so it has to be redone. Luckily, I called to check on what is necessary for replacing it. It seems that they will require 3 pieces of ID, of which I only have two: my current license and my Social Security card. Nothing else that I have will work for them, and since the bills, rental agreement, etc. are in Di's name, that doesn't help. I don't keep a bank account, so no good there. I don't work, so no job checkstub. Apparently, I can still come in tomorrow and take the test (as long as my license is still current, I don't have to take the driving part again), but I cannot get the actual license without that third piece of ID. I suppose I'm gonna have to hope that Mom still has my birth certificate somewhere, and get her to fax it to me or something.

Man, good thing I don't own a CAR. Frankly, it's been so long, that I'm tempted to just get a State ID...but it would be nice to be able to legally drive.

*sigh* It's hard being a revolutionary.

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