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It's Over

Yep...I lived through turning 30. My extreme thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday...it was a good day, thanks in part to you. Special thanks to: multi_jinx, who called me and sang; delilahbowie, who 'sang' to me over IM last night in a sexy, husky, whiskey and clove voice; velvetacidgrrl, who tried repeatedly to call me before finally catching me; zombiedip for being the most wonderful woman in the world, and making me smile constantly; and of course, my best friend and brother discordian, for being him.

Among the interesting points today:
~ my Mom actually read my entry from last night, talking about my birthday revelations. What makes this interesting is that she never knew that I had a drug or alcohol problem, and it's sparked some convos back and forth in e-mail today. Not bad, just odd.

~ a half-mile walk in the rain up to Di's office, to take her carrots. She missed lunch due to trying to go do a blood test on her lunch break (which didn't happen, so a complete waste of time), so she was in a rotten mood. That made her feel better, though, which rocked for me, and I hadn't gone walking in the rain in forever, so it was quite nice.

~ Bug made me a 'card' which was just a drawing he did, of me...but that was entirely too cool. As a present, he gave me one of those inflatable punch-balls...*giggle*

Oh, and it turns out that it was Di who got me the second 'Friday the 13th' DVD...so cool. 2 down, 8 to go. Somehow, I just knew it was her...I'm psychic, you know.

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