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Experience And Pain

Seems to be a lot of this going around (hurt, I mean), and I'm sure more will follow. This is just me spouting off for those who are hurting, adding my two cents...it's up to you whether you care to read.

It's easy to be hurt...we are fragile creatures, unfortunately. But wounds heal, and wounds teach. Experience comes at a price, and that price is pain...but it allows you to find what doesn't hurt, by learning what to avoid. Scars? Scars show that a wound was deep...and hence, important to learn. That's why they stick around longer than scabs and scratches, so you don't easily forget the lessons learned.

There's nothing wrong at all with getting your freak on when you have been hurt...don't ever let anyone tell you differently. But when that freak-out drags and starts costing you time and life, THEN it's a problem. We are human beings, we adapt and we think. Use that. Get your anger/pain on, get it out, and get it over with. Use the release of energy to fuel your journey back into the land of the living. Remember, you are the Sun: no matter how often your journey goes dark, you will always return brilliantly to the sky. Also keep in mind that you cannot hate someone you do not know...and if you REALLY know them, you'll see whether that hurt was really intended, or just incidental.

Above all, don't allow any person to turn your hatred outward, or to jade you against that which doesn't deserve it. It's easy to be hurt and say that all of a particular group sucks, whether that group is gender, racially, politically, or religiously related, just because someone of that group hurt you. Yes some do, and then again, some don't. Hate the person, not the association.

Well, that's probably enough babbling for one post. Hey, I'm here to listen as well.

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