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Bad Start To A Promising Day

Woke up this morning with a bunch of stuff in my throat (some of you will not be surprised by this...the rest of you, well, it happens), but when I finally got it out, it had some blood in it. I think the cloves are killing me (they are all I smoke). I had decided last weekend, just out of the blue, to quit by the time I turned 30, and that's not a hard thing for me to do, but maybe I'll step that schedule up a little, maybe by the time I'm 29 (which isn't but 2 months off, give or take).

Got an impromptu hug from Steph this morning, as we dropped her off for class on our way to work. No idea why, but it felt good. Guess I didn't realize how much I miss getting hugged. Speaking of which, I actually updated my 'home' site yesterday, and added a passage dedicated to Heidi. She saw it, and she cried. We talked about it, and it's not a bad thing, other than missing me terribly, but I still wasn't sure how to take it. I'm still not. I'll take it as similar feelings as I have and not worry about it.

Get to talk to customers today for the first time in 2 months...christ on a bun, I've enjoyed not having to do that. I've applied for a position here as a trainer, and I'd love to get it. LAN tech, too, but I won't get that one.

Started my attempt to do the low-carb/no-carb diet today. All I've had so far is meat and a little cheese, and water. I can hope.

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