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First off, much thanks to discordian, since my Nephilim book came in the mail today (which gears me right up), along with my old trusty friend, the 2nd Ed D&D DMG...I know, it's weird, but as soon as I picked it up, it was like an electric jolt. "Hello, old friend, it's been 2 1/2 years since I've seen you...you're looking good. How was your trip? It's good to have you home...your friends have missed you." I even tested myself, to see if my memory had slipped...nope, still disgustingly fresh. The Worshippers of the Wraithcouch know what I mean. I'm such a pathetic game geek sometimes..I know I won't be using it any time soon, or possibly ever, but it feels good to have it back.

Gott atake my hard-earned for cash and do some Xmas shopping tonight for Bug. Hard-earned because I have to be nice to my family during the year to get it at Xmas, of course.

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