God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Hah Bumhug

So, here I am at my Dad's place. Figures: I have friends all over the country, and the one time I deign to travel, I end up somewhere where I don't know anyone. *sigh*

Plane flight was no problem. Actually, it was a gorgeous view as we took off and ascended, seeing nothing but white clouds with the mountains coming up out of them, covered in snow. My mind started wandering, making up tales of travel and battle, and two peaks in particular, covered in such a way as to appear almost fleshy, with veins and ridges, prompted a short story of two massive creatures, mistaken for mountains, slowly working across the land...very 'Never-Ending Story'-ish.

I ended up in the window seat in the emergency isle. Now, if you know me, you can guess that my 6'3" 240# frame was not comfy here...especially when I was seated next to a guy about the same size. We jockeyed for armrrest space most of the trip, but he was pretty cool, so it wasn't a fight. We even got a movie, which made me smile, until I saw what it was...a fuckin' Disney flick! CHRIST ON A BUN! But, it wa a four-hour flight, so i suffered through 'Lilo and Stitch'...and it didn't exactly raise my hopes for Disney, I can tell you that.

Turbulent winds coming into Chi-Town ('Windy City' - go figure) made for a bumpy landing, but no worries. Met with Dad and off we went. Keep in mind that i have had almost no caffeine at this point (it's about 1 my time), no food, and my last smoke was 6 hours previous...yeah, time to boogie. Off we head to the house, as Dad gives me a "short" rundown on the people I'll meet this week, just to give me a leg up...yeah, right. Finally though, we make it to the house, and I get some food in me (must rememebr to get Coke tomorrow...caffeine GOOD).

Dinner tonight, I met my first bit of the extended family, three of them, not a one under 70. So, yeah, Chaos has just been partying his ass off, I can tell you. They were nice, though, and even Dad was bored with the convo about people neither he nor I knew, so we retreated back here to the computer to show off his game. Yes, my Dad has become addicted to a computer game ('Super Collapse', you can find it on shockwave.com), and he took great happiness in the fact that his score was much higher than mine. The week is young yet, though...and he is welcome to step into my backyard in Unreal Tournament anyday. ;)

Oh, and I got a pic of my Dad with his duck. Can't upload the pix 'til I get home, but this duck...it looks like a stuffed animal, but you pat it's head and it quacks...no big deal, right? Keep patting it, and you realize it's quacking out Xmas carols. Needless to say, he and I laughed like loons.

Anyway, enough of that. Day 1 down. 3 more days, and then I'm on a jetplane for home.

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