God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Day 2 Of The Season

Well, lookie here, survived to move on...

Well, the day actually started last night. See, Dad's computer is pretty slow, and so he asked me to take a look at it. It occurs to me that I cannot visit any family of mine without being asked to fix their machine...good thing i don't mind, huh? Well, it's a Celeron, running Win98, 64 MB RAM...and full of crap. The grandkids get to playing on it, so you can only imagine how much useless shit is on it...and the system tray icons went on for two rows! So, after MASSIVE cleanup, I discover there are so many drive errors, I cannot defrag the thing. So, I fire up ScanDisk, and go to bed...it finally finished around 2pm this afternoon (12 GB drive)! Yeah, pretty bad.

Anyway, this morning was a huge pancake and bacon breakfast, after which I met some more family (including the grandkids), which was cool...even got a good pic of Dad being 'Grandad', which was super to see. It's really weird to see these kids and think that they are now my niece and nephews...and brother- and sister-in laws, etc.

Dad was insistent that I have something to open with everyone else, even though I told him I didn't need anything, but I know him, he'd have gotten something, regardless, so I figured direction was intelligent. Happily, I now own the DVDs of the second series of "V" and the entire "Alien" series. Me so happy...

Met another huge section of the family for Xmas presents this evening, and it was sheer pandemonium. Not bad, just insane. The highlight of the evening had to be Monk's reaction. Monk was born with some birth defects, and is actually pretty well-off, considering, but he is confined to a wheelchair. nice guy, though, he and I talked movies and computers half the night. But, when he opened the gift from Dad and Kay (whihc contained a fairly sizeable chunk of change in it -- $1K), he was so shocked that he just about fell out of his chair, and actually exclaimed that he thought there had been an error! Eventually, he got so worked up over the whole thing that he gave himself a bloody nose...sad, but funny as Hell. Frankly, I'm gonna have to fast for a week when I get home just to compensate for all the eating I'm doing...they're killing me with food! Note that I'm not really complaining, just noting.

Anyway, Dad and Kay went to late Mass, so I stayed here (DUH, didn't think I was gonna be at a church, didja?). Ended up chatting with Kay's mom for a good half-hour, which was interesting. Managed to squeeze in a call to my lady-love this evening, who I miss greatly, and got a little news that annoyed me (personal stuff, no worries). Still, it didn't bring me down, really.

Now, off to relax a little, get some sleep, and fix Dad's DVD/VHS/Cable/TV setup tomorrow, so I can take it all over and watch "Aliens".

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