God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

It Won't Die! It Just Won't Die!

Man, this week is just too long...

After a long night of tossing and turning, I awoke early this morning for Xmas breakfast...which meant a good chunk of family in the house. Yeesh...it just doesn't end.

Breakfast was 'abelskivers' (prenounced "able skeevers"). This is apparently a traditional Danish Xmas morning breakfast, and was actually really good. Think pancakes, but small, like an inch or two in diameter, only spherical and fluffy. Rip them open and sprikle a little powdered sugar on them, and go for it. I went through about a dozen...yummy...

The day was a progression of people, both neighbors and family. Speaking of neighbors, I had a good laugh to myself at one, since her name is Bong (she's Korean). Nice lady, though. Actually, on the way to the house, I passed a sign for the 'Bong Recreation Area'...needless to say, I laughed my ass off.

Fixed Dad's DVD, so that got me enough time to watch "Alien", which Dad joined me for. Come to find out, he always thought it was a good movie, so I'm gonna show him "Aliens" tomorrow, which he missed.

Just got done with dinner, which was more family, and friends, and what have you. Christ, everytime I turn around, i meet some one else, it just gets more and more (hence the 'director's cut' comment). I swear, I'm gonna be huge by the time this week is over...huger, I should say...

Well, I'm hiding out in the back at the moment...all this family thing is making me crazy and making my head hurt. I've been smoking too much, and I need a drink...time to hit up my bottle of tequila!

Hope everyone's day was at least passable, if not great!

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