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"Well, Back To Creation."

OK, I know it's a day late, but I should finish up my trip journal.

Fairly uneventful day, just getting little things done. Showed Dad how to add memory to his computer, and we figured what the Hell, we'd go ahead and go get it, so I could install it myself. Man, memory prices are rock-bottom at the moment: we got him a 128MB stick for $22 (Best Buy, baby!). Picked up a copy of the old game 'Clive Barker's Undying' for $15 as well, since I never got to play it.

Back to the house, where it took me 20 damn minutes to install the memory, because he's got the world's smallest case, and I have big hands. Still, he went from the stifled 64 MB to 192 MB, and he and Kay both are very happy with their machine now.

Finally, off to the airport, where I discover that my return flight has been overbooked, and they may have to put me on a different flight. This might not have been so bad, but the alternate flight was not until 8 pm (it was only 12:30 when I'm discovering this), and it went to San Francisco, leaving for Portland the next morning...no, I don't think so. I did manage to get a seat, and luck was even wioth me, as I traded with a guy to get out of my window seat and get an aisle seat. Because of all the hooplah with the seating, we were a good 15 minutes late leaving, but made it to Portland in good time anyway.

Needless to say, I was MUCHO happy to be back home, and even MORE MUCHO happy to see my love again. I'm not going into details here, that's not for you, but let's just say we were VERY happy to see each other.

We were supposed to meet up with velvetacidgrrl and Zoe last night at the Crystal around 10 (Cham called about 8 to confirm this), so we relaxed for a while, and off we went. We got there at 10, and stayed until 12, but never saw hide nor hair of them. Luckily, the place was doing local live music, so we listened to the blues/funk of the 'Bomb Brothers' (who were REALLY good) and the old-skool hip-hop of the 'Deadbeats' (who were also really good), so it wasn't a complete waste. But damn, Cham, where were ya? I called down to Zoe's at 11:30 to discover that you guys didn't even leave Salem until 10...what happened? Try to give me a call today before you leave.

Oh well, we got foodage and came back to watch 'Alien', and then passed out hard...which I think we both desperately needed...I missed having her next to me.

Well, that's all. I'm home. *happy sigh*

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