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Five For The New Year

Five things that 2002 taught me:
1. Don't jump for the brass ring...the gold one will come along.
2. Always get the particulars in writing.
3. Even that which you do not need and will not use will bring you joy.
4. At least one member of my family doesn't make me want to murder them.
5. Sometimes, you have to look out for Number One.

Five personally significant events of 2002:
1. Turned 30
2. Found what I was looking for in zombiedip
3. Discovered that, contrary to popular belief, I'm not ALWAYS right (but I still am 99% of the time)
4. Didn't work
5. Gained a new 'posse'

Five things I want to do in 2003:
1. Have more time with friends
2. Create more art
3. Get back into a band
4. Evolve one person's thinking to a higher level
5. Live to see 2004

Five things I don't want to do in 2003:
1. Die
2. Get even lazier
3. Stagnate
4. Go to Florida
5. Miss opportunites

Five people who I'd like to know better in 2003:
~~ Any five. I'm always up for that.

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