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All Is Quiet On New Year's Day...

Well, not that you'd know it, but it's a new year. Well, it's gona be a good one, I just know, so there. PPPBBBBTTTTTT!

Ended up at delilahbowie's place for a party last night, which turned out to be a lot of fun. MOstly people I don't know, and will rarely to never see agian, but a good time was had by all anyway. A big bonus was that jahnji brought his turntables and did some spinning, which I had not gotten a chance to hear before...excellent stuff! I asked him to spin for the party in March.

Yes, I got a few pix...as usual, not many, seeing as how pix of people I don't know is usually boring. But there are a few of me, John, and John's friend David talking and deciding that we should be the new 'Gorillaz', and a couple others. If'n ya got the notion, poke your head in here and see.

We get Bug today, and he brought along a little friend of his...and I use little in the literal sense. Actually, he looks like what I'd imagine etherpunk would look like at age 6. No offense, pal.

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