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OK, not long ago, I picked up a copy of 'Planescape: Torment', which I'd heard was a great game. Being the AD&D freak that I am, I was happy to get it, and have been REALLY enjoying playing the game. It's an older game, but I've had no real problems...until now. I'm going into the last part of the game, and the fucker keeps crashing to the desktop, every time I enter this area (not an optional thing, unfortunately).

So far, no luck with online help. The game is out-of-print, and the only patch available doesn't work with the 2-CD version of the game. The only help that was vaguely close to what I needed isn't written for WinXP, and their automated help line clearly states that NONE of the Black Isle games 'officially' support XP. Their tech support phone is way backed up, so I've sent them a detailed support request, hoping against hope that someone can figure out the problem. Until then, though, I'm out of luck.

Dammit, just as I was geared up for the end...caliban! Did you ever send out those CD's?

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