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Debates Vs. Arguments

I admit, I can be an argumentative person. Gimme a point that catches my interest, and I'll go all day. Hell, gimme an interesting subject, I may argue the other side just for fun. But I see too many people get into the screaming matches over stupid things. There is a difference.

For instance, take the convo I just had with etherpunk. The skinny is that Nintendo is releasing a new Game Boy, and, as we all know, I'm not a Nintendo fan. For a good twenty minutes, maybe half hour, we debated the points back and forth about Nintendo, it's previous releases, where it's going, what it's doing, and whatnot (Tobey's a big Nintendo fan). By the end of it, we both conceded the other's good points, and still held our own, but we'd had a great, intelligent discussion, sometimes heated, sometimes funny, but always on topic...and still had no hard feelings afterwards.

THAT'S a great debate.

See, that's the kind of friends I like having around...ones smart enough to hold their own, and still smart enough to know when to admit a point was made on the other side and continue without defeat, all without making it personal. I needed that. But I still don't like Nintendo ;) *L*

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