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The Beautiful People

Someone asked me, not too long ago: "How is it that you kow all these gorgeous women?!?"

This hits me every now and again, as I look over my friends list. It's true, I dunno how, but I know some of the best looking people...it's almost scary. How do I know so many models? Well, luck is most of it: living in Seattle, I met a lot of models and photographers, and got to be friends with plenty of them. Or maybe it's that I don't suck up to them, or try to hit on them (except my compulsive flirting, but that's MOSTLY innocent).

So many I know through the 'Net, and we have never actually met (though in some cases, I'm surprised at that). batty and I were both Nashiville peeps, but never met. nysidra was down near Orlando, and that's where I was born...as so was devilsdarling until semi-recently. cutekelliekitte is near N'awlins, where I've spent entirely too much time.

Others I've just gotten close to and been friends with for a long time, even if over the 'Net. annathema667, cheaps1utsavior, jezibelgoth, and sylykonskys were all frineds BEFORE LJ, through The Fallen Angels. babyinga, urban_bard, and imperfectangel were friends form my earliest days online, from CoolChat.

I've been lucky enough to have met a lot in person: The similarly smart-assed devilpuppy, the down-to-earth dirtbikev, the goth goddess dyvinedeviance, the sweet gothkittyn, the enigmatic traveler gothtoy, the flame-haired leenerella, the gorgeous industrial sayaka, the fun and bouncy scurvykat, and the fiery redheadevilchiq.

I've been even luckier to have made some really close friends of some great ladies: planetnikita, kitters, erotocism, isisinvinyl, wesa, meowlet, ravenlace...you've all touched my lives in some way, whether we've met once or constantly. And I could never forget my spirit-sister, cenobitten...rest in peace, Cyn.

I've even had the good fortune to live with a few: 01flux, multi_jinx, rayce, velvetacidgrrrl.

Hell, a couple I get to see around town, when I'm lucky enough...delilahbowie and kellibunny, "close personal friends of mine". ;)

And of course, I could not forget the many beautiful ladies I know through LiveJournal...some close friends, some not (though some are working that way, I hope), but fun people to know anyway: ascaechoriel, afrodite79, corachaos, duchess_webb, ectv, hellbot13, jennaflower, kenoma, othiym, ouchouch, pornrockangel, reddelicious, spiritual, squishybear...beauties all. And that's not counting the ones I don't see pix of.

And of course, topping the list, my exquisite, special, and wonderful zombiedip, who completes me, makes me smile, laugh, and sing. She shades my eyes and brightens my darkness...she is my other soul.

Hey, I'm not really sucking up to anyone. It just hit me again today, and I felt like saying so.
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