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Well, To Hell With That....

OK, so I'm sitting here, my head hurting form no caffeine/sugar, trying to make the day go away, trying to feel better because I HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO talk to customers today, I've been putting it off, and in my present state, that migt not be such a good idea. So what am I doing to kill the time? I keep hitting 'random journal', and I've come to a couple conclusions:

- there are a lot of angsty 'life is so horrible' people with LJ's
- there are a lot of junior high/high school kids with LJ's and nothing to say in them
- there are a lot of lesbians/bi-sexuals with LJ's, and not enough cool stories in them

Now, I'm not putting them down...well, not the last group, but the rest I am.

Next revelation: I really like Stabbing Westward. Very cool band. But don't listen to them when you are in a bad mood, especially if it has anyhting to do with missing someone you love.

For the sheer shits and giggles of it all, I'm going to close this entry with the lyrics to a Pixies song I happen to like but haven't heard in a very long time: "Subbacultcha"

This is a song about something there
there is something about this song
we did the clubs what ass
i was hoping to have her in the sack
i was looking handsome
she was looking like an erotic vulture
i was all dressed in black
she was all dressed up in black
every thing was fine down here
what you call it here
call it what you will here
way down down down in this subbacultcha
her warm white belly in the life i'd lived
had seen nothing finer
she shakes and she moves me or something
she's like jellyroll like sculpture
i was wearing eyeliner
she was wearing eyeliner
it was so good down here
saving for my scrapbook here
way down down down in this subbacultcha
now we live on the sea and relax
and ride the tack drug running
on this panamanian schooner
she walks the deck in a black dress
and me i dress up in black
and we listen to the sea
and look at the sky in a poetic kind of way
what you call it
when you look at the sky in a poetic kind of way
you know when you grope for luna.

Thank You.

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