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Damn Well Better

I recently applied for a position as a trainer up here at my office. Frankly, I think it sounds like a riot. Only downside is there's a lot of travel involved, but since I don't mind flying, that's cool. After days like today, i just feel like I damn well better get the job. I just spent the last hour and a half just trying to get someone's e-mail and messenger setup.

Now, I have the knowledge to do this. Unfortunately, when the company changes how it is doing things, and doesn't bother telling any of us, it makes it hard to get things right. Bastards. And of course, I'm now known as the guy that isn't taking calls and who helps the newbies, so WHO do you think they flag down constantly for help? Yep, me.

Dammit, make me a trainer. I already know and do the job. Besides, I could use the pay increase.

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