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Got three for you, one major and two obscure: 'Signs', 'Scotland, PA', and 'Lathe Of Heaven'.

Signs: I like Mel Gibson, so I expected a lot from this flick. However, I should have known I'd be disappointed, as it was directed by M. Night Shyamalan. SO far, his track record with me is pretty weak: 'Sixth Sense', while an interesting premise, bored me (I saw the ending a mile away), and 'Unbreakable', while an interesting premise, bored me. Wanna guess my feelings on this one? Yup: interesting premise, and I was bored. Most of the film is bland character development, none of which seems to really go anywhere, coupled with flashbacks to his dead wife, which is pointless. The crop circles were nice (I've always been a croop circle nut), and I like that the aliens DID attack, and DID take people (no cute friendly aliens, no sneaky plan of doubletalk). But this whole 'skin dissolves in water' thing was stupid, the convenient asthma attack with saves the boy's life was stupid, and overall, I was glad it ended. Three strikes, M. Night Shamalamadingdong...I'll skip the rest of your films. You suck.

Scotland, PA: THIS was fantastic. The basis is Shakespeare's 'Macbeth', retold in the seventies. James Legros plays 'Mac', who ends up killing his boss 'Duncan', the owner of a local fast-food joint, and taking over. 'McDuff', the cop who has to sort out this case, is played excellently, as always, by Christopher Walken. Maura Tierny plays Mac's wife and does a helluva job with the burn mark on her hand (Out, out, damn spot!). Now, I know this sounds a little hinky, but it really kicked ass, and the 70's rock soundtrack made it even better. I was impressed with how they stayed true to the original play, yet never made it too obvious (i.e., no resorting to Shakespearean dialogue...no one ever actually says 'out out damn spot' or 'lead on McDuff'). I'm definitely gonna own this one, it had some spectacular lines, was beautifully shot, and a lot of fun.

Lathe Of Heaven: A&E did this adaptation of the classic Ursula K. LeGuin book, and starred James Caan, Lucas Haas, David Strathairn, and Lisa Bonet. Admittedly, it took some liberties with the book, and for that, it doesn't really compare well to the previous adaptation, but since that was 20 years ago, I don't remember it. Frankly, I enjoyed it, it was nicely done, and Caan, as usual, plays his part with a hint of subtlety that makes it perfect. Haas, well, he just looks funny, like he always does...why did anyone ever get this boy into movies? Still, well worth the watch.

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