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'Weekend Update', wth Chaos Blackflame

Not that there was a lot going on, but it was a good title.

Spent most the weekend reading House of Leaves, actually, and when I wasn't doing that, I was just playing games. Yeah, I have such an exciting life. Got a good number of laughs, though, between Di and Bug. I was in rare form, to say the least. It's official, I have to make the warning sign:

- I'm no longer allowed to speak if Di has a drink in her hand, because invariably, I will say something that will make her fall apart just as she's taking a drink. Almost made her wreck the car Friday night coming back from darkboy23's place, when I mentioned, in the midst of a relatively serious convo, that someone's brain was tapioca.
- Just about made her snarf an entire pickle when I told Bug that my initials were pronounced "ffffffhp!' at lunch Sunday. Apparently, the pickle juice in the sinuses was enough to almost earn me a smack in the head, which I would have happily taken (and deserved). Besides, the laughter I would have come out with, should the pickle have actually passed her nose, would have been worth it.
- She's heard me say "Yeah Toast!!" frequently if someone is making or mentions toast, so I went and downloaded the song (Heywood Banks fans, make some noise!). That, too, got her and Bug laughing so much they couldn't breathe.
- Apparently the sudden sight of my oddly curling toes is a source of helpless laughter to her, as is my mentioning that my ankle had turned into a collection of knives.

Finished House of Leaves.
Finished 'Deus Ex'...again.
Finished 'Syberia'.

Did I do anything I actually intended to do this weekend? Nope.

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