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"Cork Rock"

melancholyheart mentioned listen to bad 80's butt-rock recently (WOO-HOO!), and discordian, in his response, accidently typo'ed 'cock rock' into 'cork rock'. Needless to say, this got a great bit of laughter from yours truly, who could only imagine a bunch of wine tasters sitting around, headbanging:

"You know, Chadwick, this is an excellent vintage."

"I concur, Nigel. Only in that tiny village do they grow this particular grape."

"Well, it certainly is a treasure. Oh, excuse me there's my favorite drum solo...hold my glass will you?"

"Of course, Nigel, my pleasure."

"My thanks, Chadwick." *grabs two sticks and taps out the drum bits on the empty bottles*

"Go, Nigel, go!"

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