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Minor Version Of The Purity Test

fiercerose posted this, and I figured 'what the Hell'...I'm an open book anyway...though it does remind me of the convo I had with othiym, way back, about being possibly the most impure person she knows:

Ever laughed at someone else's misfortune? (1 point) Yep

Ever laughed at a physically or mentally handicapped person? (2 points) Yep

Ever tried alcohol? (1 point) Yep

Ever been drunk? (2 points) Yep

Ever play drinking games? (2 points) Yep

Ever fall down because you drank too much? (3 points) Yep

Ever drink enough to throw up? (4 points) Yep
bonus: throwing up on yourself or another person (1 point) Yep

Ever wake up and not remember what you did the night before? (5 points) Yep

Ever been forcibly removed from a bar? (8 points) Yep

Ever participated in/finished a pub crawl? (5 points) Yep

Do you drink regularly, at least 3 times a week? (3 points) Yep, when possible

Ever fall asleep/pass out in a bar? (4 points) Yep

Ever try pot, hash, magic mushrooms? (4 points for each one tried) Yep, all three

Do you do drugs regularly? (4 points) No
bonus: at least 4 times a week (4 points) No

Ever bought soft drugs? (4 points) Yep

Ever sell drugs? (8 points) Yep

Ever sell drugs to support a drug habit? (12 points) Yep

Ever used barbiturates? (8 points) Yep

Ever used hallucinogens? (8 points) Yep

Ever used narcotics? (10 points) Yep

Ever been stoned or drunk for more than 48 hours? (8 points) Yep

Ever been on a date? (2 points) Yep

Ever been felt up, groped? (2 points) Yep
bonus: to orgasm? (2 points) Yep

Ever had sexual intercourse? (6 points) Yep
bonus: on 1st date? (2 points) Yep

Ever had a bath or shower with the opposite sex? (5 points) Yep

Ever paid for sex? (8 points) Yep

Ever taken advantage of someone while they were stoned or drunk? (4 points) Yep

Ever get someone stoned or drunk to obtain sexual favors and succeed? (8 points) Yep

Ever engage in oral sex? (4 points) Yep
bonus: to orgasm? (2 points) Yep

Ever engage in anal sex? (6 points) Yep
bonus: to orgasm? (2 points) Yep

Ever engage in the 69 position? (4 points) Yep

Ever contract an STD? (12 points) No, thank Goddess

Ever had sex without a contraceptive? (4 points) Yep

Ever had or knowingly been responsible for an abortion? (12 points) No

Ever had sex with two or more partners in a week? (4 points) Yep

Ever had sex with more than one person at a time? (9 points) Yep

Ever had sex in a public place? (6 points) Yep

Ever had carpet burns in relation to a sexual act? (4 points) Yep

Ever engage in sexual activity with a member of the same sex? (10 points) Yep

Ever practiced bondage, masochism, or sadism for sexual gratification? (8 points) Sort of...not MY gratification

Ever used sex toys? (6 points) Yep

Ever pass out during sex? (5 points) Yep

Ever been responsible for losing someone else's virginity? (4 points) Yep

Ever masturbated while talking on the phone? (3 points) Yep

Ever bought something in a sex shop? (3 points) Yep

Ever licked or have someone lick an eyeball (1 point), toes (2 points), ears (1 point)? Yep, all of the above

Ever have sex with a relative? (5 points) No

Ever make someone sleep in the wet spot? (6 points) Yep

Does necrophilia, pedophilia, or bestiality turn you on? (20 points) No

Ever been arrested? (8 points) No
bonus: If convicted (7 points) No

0-20 A life with the church is too corrupt for you.
21-40 You barely make our scale.
41-60 Approaching normal, you aren't much fun on a date.
61-100 Normal, you use your right hand like everyone else.
101-130 Above average, you've got a few tricks below the belt.
131-160 You're enjoying life to the max.
161-200 You're a danger to society. Who let you out on a day pass?
200+ You're going straight to hell

My Score: 200+ You're going straight to hell

Well, hell, I already knew THAT.

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