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Yes, if you've seen Di's post from last night, I spent it trying to get her machine into some kind of useable shape. Now, when I say I spent last night doing it, that's exactly what I meant. 5 fucking hours...and it's not done yet.

Admittedly, part of the problem was my own stupid-ass fault, for not setting harddrive jumpers properly, so the damn thing wouldn't install/boot the OS properly. You'd think I would have figured that one out pretty quick when I screwed up the jumper settings previously, trying to hook her old drive up to the Banshee, to get a few things off of it before I blanked it. Nope, I'm an idiot.

So, eventually, that's past. Now I just have to get the OS installed. Map props to polarbear for the copies of XP Pro, and XP Pro w/SP1. Unfortunately, both had issues with installation, namely in copying over sound drivers and the main driver cab file. However, I managed to get it installed without those, and just copied the ones from the Banshee's system, so no worries. OS installed and running.

OK, first things first, reinstall the vid card (Di has my old ATI Radeon). Installation disk at the ready, switch monitor to the new card, boot up...nothing. Sad part is that it installed the card without my help, just wouldn't SHOW on it. Finally managed to disable the onboard vid and switch the monitor without getting lost in it. OK, done.

Now, I also got a copy of Ghost from polarbear, so I'm thinking that getting all her main proggies installed is the best way to go, then Ghosting it. OK, start with her Adaptec CD burn software...which gets installed and then tells me it has issues with this version of Windows. OK, no worries, I have Nero on the Banshee, so uninstall the Adaptec...and STILL keep getting messages about obsolete drivers. OK, delete those obsolete drivers. Install Nero, burns just fine, cool...now my Device Manager is telling me that the drivers for the CD-ROM drive are not correct...haven't figured this one out yet, since it's running OK anyway.

At this point, it was 12:30am, and, frankly, I'd had enough. So, back to work on it I go today. Still have to go and get the drivers again for the NIC I gave her, but that's not too much trouble. And have to figure out this CD-ROM thing.


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