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Now It Can Be Revealed

Some of you may remember a graphic job I had been working on, back a month or so ago, but that I was a little cryptic about. Well, reason being that the company was just getting started, and so I couldn't talk about it (regulations and their desires together). Well, happily, I can do so now, and can show it, whcich is good, because I was quite proud of the logo I did.

The finished logo can be seen here (large file, just warning you), which is pretty damn good, considering this is all I was given to go on. Their website is still under construction, but the logo will be there, on their business cards, and they are talking about a large 3-dimensional sign of it for their lobby with lights moving along the wires.

Can we say 'Frank is proud'?

SIde note to this: much thanks to plasticrapping, who may have given me a lead on a new contract today...danke bro'!

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