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Well, if gaming is going to escape me (though there's a chance I might get into some, have to see how it plays out), I've got to at least get my art on. I have one thing I'm playing with, but based on some images in my head this morning, I'm starting over.

However, based on a post of othiym's yesterday, I'm going back to an idea I had a year ago, and giving it serious thought. It's going to be a HUGE project (I'm such a glutton for punishment), but if I can pull it off, it should be really cool. I'm hoping to get a bunch of you involved, picture-wise.

Basically, what I want to do is a Tarot deck, involving pictures of LJ people. The upside is the cool factor, but the downside is the sheer amount of artwork involved. Still, if it goes well, it'll be worth it. There are a few cards that I already know who I want on them, and I'll fully admit, up front, that I'll give preferential status to anyone with a camera or webcam, who can get me pictures in particular poses/stances that I'll need to make the cards in the image I have of them (though that isn't a hard rule, just helpful).

I'd REALLY like to do this, even knowing the work involved. Obviously, getting the participation is gonna be key, though, I suppose, if I don't get it, I can do the rest of the cards myself, with me and Di and anyone local I can con into it. But I really think it would be cool, overall.

If I pull it off, I'll most likely pay for some nice heavy photo paper or something, and print out one set for myself, and of course, they'll all be up on the web. The only cards at the moment that I have specific desires for are: 'The lovers': Di and me, DUH; 'The Empress': othiym, as the only pregnant woman I know (or maybe 'Queen of Cups'); 'The Fool': caliban, who else?; 'King Of Swords': discordian, who I think fits the bill; 'The Magician': Me, DUH.

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