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Fashion Bullshit - Eyeglasses

So, yeah, I'm gettng new glasses soon. IN anticipation and preperation of this, I went out this weekend to a couple eyeglass places, just looking around. I'm thinking of getting some of those small rectangular frames this time...I need something new, and I like my glasses small. Big glasses just make my already-big head look bigger. Why do you think I let mysaelf get fat? It's to detract from my fat head!

ANYWAY, I'm looking around, and I just had to laugh. Why would you care about frames made by Christian Dior, or Laura Ashley, or Anne Klein, or Giorgio Armani? Clothes, I can at least see the 'design' that went into it, even if most of the time I think it's pretty basic or just stupid (don't get me started on the fashion industry). But eyeglass frames?!? They don't look like anything different from the basic no-name ones, they aren't made any differently, aren't standing out in any way, and yet, people get them. Someone MIGHT say to you 'Wow, is that an Armani suit?', but no one is gonna say 'Wow, are those Armani glasses?' in this lifetime. Anyone who does is too image-conscious for their own good. Owning them is not gonna make you one of the few, the proud, the statused.

Buying things you don't need with money you don't have to impress people you don't know...the American Way.

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