God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Last winter some dolt posted an on-line petition suggesting that the name "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" was intentionally offensive to the memory of 9/11...
There were about 3600 signatures, of which about 2000 are sarcastic... below is the original petition, and just a smattering of some of the replies:

To: Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema
Those of us who have seen The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring know what an amazing director Peter Jackson is. When I learned that there apparently was to be a sequel, I was overjoyed.

However, Peter Jackson has decided to tastelessly name the sequel "The Two Towers". The title is clearly meant to refer to the attacks on the World Trade Center. In this post September 11 world, it is unforgiveable that this should be allowed to happen. The idea is both offensive and morally repugnant. Hopefully, when Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema see the number of signatures on this petition, the title will be changed to something a little more sensitive.

Sincerely, The Undersigned

818. C. Hart
I think it would be best, in light of recent events, if the film was simply not shown at all. And by "recent events" I mean "that God-awful first Lord of the Rings film."

1076. Sigmund Wonder
Oh thank you so much for this. Those shameless moneymongers care for nothing but themselves. Could you please start a petition to stop those fascist police from using 911 as their phone number too? That is also something that bothers me.

1102. Paul
they have no sensitivity, i wont even let my twin kids stand next to each other out of respect for 9/11

1183. Lionel Hutz
I myself am a big Elvis fan, and if they name the third film after the book title "Return of the King" I will start my own petition....

1172. Joseph Minkock
How about changing it to: "Frodo's Hilarious Journey"?

1225. Hamm Hurabi
I demand that the number two no longer be used!

1346. burt convy's nipples
Yes, this exploitative Tolkien fellow should develop TV programs for Fox. I say change the next movie to *honor* the event: something like "Frodo, the Littlest Fireman."

1443. olly
I'll sign anything.

1434. William Shatner
I think Jackson's choice of title is shocking and offensive. Two new buildings were recently constructed in my home town, but we managed to have them demolished and the offenders removed from society.

1422. Ajax Cortina
While you're at it, let's ban the number 11. Everytime I see it, I cry.

1405. Pass
I believe Twins should be banned from entering Tower Records stores.

1387. Ashton Kushner
I think it should be renamed "Dude, where's my Precious?"

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