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One year ago, today. One year ago, the phone call came in, quite unexpectedly, the one that changed my life. That was a day that I remember vividly, for many reasons.

That was a weird day. After all, I was awakened at 6am on a Sunday by a phone call from velvetacidgrrrl, informing me of cenobitten's death. I spent hours that morning, calling her fmaily, getting info, and generally just being really shocked and unhappy. Eventually, things died down, and I was settled in to have a slow afternoon, followed by that night's weekly Kult game. And then, the phone rang again.

That was zombiedip. Di who I'd met not long before, on the friendliest of terms, and who had joined me in the beginnings of a lot of deep feelings. Not a long call, but a powerful one. A call informing me that she had just told her husband (mega-ratfuck that he was) that it was over, and she was coming to see me.

Man, talk about walking on a cloud...the rest of the afternoon was sorta blurry. At least I got my shit together to run the game that night (a game that went incredibly well, I remember). and, as the game broke up, she arrived. We were both a little nervous, and wanting things to be right, but both a little out of our depth. We had some wine, and she cried a little over the fact that I got her flowers, which apparently no one had ever done for her before (we still have those flowers, dried, hanging on the wall). We talked, we snuggled, we smiled, and eventually we made love. I had to work the next day, and if I could have convinced her to stay, I'd have called in sick, but she also had to return, so we said our goodbyes.

One year later, we are both happier than ever. We're engaged, and looking forward to many more years together. Would I have believed it just over a year ago? I can't say...but I'm here now, and happy about that. Di, I love you, mopre and more each passing day. You complete me, you make me feel loved and cared for, and you are what I've always wanted.

On completely unrelated notes, I was contacted today by Blurty user UrbanPrincess, for help with her journal layout. How cool is that, someone from another journal site looking me up...wild. Actually, I have to say, I got a huge laugh out of Blurty, when I dug through their FAQ (which looks just like LJ's, obviously), and see that under the 'Blurty specific tags', the fact that they weren't able to change the tags, so, even there, you have to use "lj-cut" and "lj user=", etc. Damn people, if you are gonna use Open Source code and do something new, at least update it to your own project. Well, regardless, it made me feel productive and useful, so I was glad for it.

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