God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


Well, things went well, after a weird start. velvetacidgrrrl ended up on a later bus, so didn't get here until 9-ish. kellibunny never did show up, so hopefully everything's OK there. However, delilahbowie did bring the makings of margaritas, and off it went. A long night of drinking, laughing, and basically hanging out and having a good time. No pix, but I'm sure I'll get a couple today at some point or another. Conversational topics ranged all across the board, from current events, to stupid shit, to the supposed size of a friend's 'tool'. I don't think there was any single memorable line that stood out, except maybe Rachel's "Well, damn, I feel left out, Frank, I'm the only one in the room that hasn't seen you naked."

Chamblin will be here most of today, which is cool, we've been catching up and just kickin' it. Oh, and talking about dravengodvamp a lot. ;) She misses you, bro'.

Oh, and to whoever hit LJ yesterday with the DDOS attack?

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