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Old Friends

OK, first things first, anyone wanna tell me why I can drink enough to make most people twitch, stay up half the night, go to bed, get up after 4 hours, and be perfectly fine, awake, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed...but if I go to bed early and sober I sleep badly, have bad dreams, sleep late, and am groggy when I finally get up? Apparently, my body is trying to tell me to go back to being an alcholic, as I apparently function better that way.

Well, it was a good visit. Very good to see velvetacidgrrrl again, and I think it was necessary, as well, as we did get a couple things aired out, here and there, which is cool, since it keeps any black marks between us to a minumum. We stayed up just talking and catching up until somewhere around 2 am, and hung around all the next day, just watching movies and hanging out, being friends, which felt really good. Also talked to dravengodvamp on the phone for a few minutes (well, actually, called and sorta woke him up without warning), which was extremely cool. Looking forward to seeing you, bro'.

Eventually, though, all good things must end, and we drove her back to the bus station for her return trip. Unfortunately, she didn't realize that her bus actually doesn't stop in Vancouver, that late at night, and she was supposed to catch the bus further down to Portland and from there to Seattle, which means she wasn't arriving until 2 am...Hell, if we'd known that, we could have just driven her down to the Portland station, no big deal. Oh well, chances are she'll finally have a car again, next time.

I did manage to get a couple pix. Actually, I didn't realize that she'd brought some clothes to hopefully do some photos (this wasn't mentioned until we were loading up to head out). So, next time, we photoshoot...Hell, Doug, if you are here by then, we'll get you in frame! Still, Di snapped one of Chamblin and one of the two of us (though she caught me just after laughing, with a weird expression).

Well, seems my tax return got in, finally, so it's happy-time for me. Gotta do some shopping for Bug's birthday tonight and this weekend, and thinking I need a new game...and finally gonna get my new glasses.

Thank Goddess It's Friday, y'all!

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