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Fun With Money

Well, tax return finally came in, which meant time to go shopping. Managed to slip in an appointment to get my eyes re-examined, only to find that the astigmatisms in both eyes have doubled. Should have my new glasses in a few days.

Dinner out was FABOO, Di and I gorged on seafood of varied and assorted kinds (everybody for lobster, make some noise!). Still, my minor happiness resorted from grabbing new games. Picked up Mafia, Revolution, and Icewind Dale (first one, with Heart of Winter). My feelings dropped a little, though, as I talked to caliban, who mentioned that Mafia doesn't like running on WinXP. Well, a little apprehensive, i went to check things out. Started with Revolution, which installed fine, then didn't want to run...at all. OK, I sighed, and after finding no help at all with the website, whipped off an e-mail to support, and turned to Mafia. Even more apprehensive, I started it up, and lo and behold, it works fine and dandy...and man, is it GORGEOUS. Well, got so engrossed with that that I failed to notice the time, and around 3:30 this morning, forced myself to turn it off...and, for a lark, tried firing up Revolution one last time. Go, figure, it worked fine, NOW. So, gotta check that ouit, right? Yeah...oops, turned it off at 5:30 this morning and finally went to bed.

Man, I'm glad I do better on 4 hours sleep at a time.

So, today is shopping for Bug's birthday, and a couple minor necessaries...and I think I'm gonna try and go see 'Darkness Falls'. Happy Saturday, all...super perfundo on the early evening of your day!

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