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More Movie Reviews

These on video, though. "Waking LIfe" and "Last Call".

Waking Life: It's true, I'm an animation nut, so this flick got an automatic nod from me. Still, if it had sucked, I'd say so...and it DOES drag a little, in places. Mostly, though, it became an interesting look into What's Really Going On. A young man wanders through his life (or dream, or both), listening to various people about what the point of life and the world is, why we're here, and what to do about it. These theories range from the technical to the absurd, from the scientific to the surreal. All of the movie is done in computer animation, with a technique created by the filmmakers, involving digital art done over the original film...it was actually pretty cool. Kind of a philosophical film, and not for everyone (no 'action' at all, and no real humour, except incidentally), but excellent anyway.

Last Call: The Final Chapter of F. Scott Fitzgerald: If you are interested in writers and literature, then see this; if not, don't bother, you'll be bored. This piece, originally done by Showtime Network, tells the story of the last bit of author F. Scott Fitzgerald's life, as he is trying to regain the fame that he once had. Unfortunately, all he's doing is drinking himself to death, and in his inebriated state, hallucinating his institutionalized wife, Zelda. Along comes Fraces Kroll, for a job as his secretary, and helps him turn his life around and get a new novel started...which of course, he died before finishing. Still, in the end, he seemed to have regained what of himself he'd lost, and maybe he died a happier man becaue of it. The flick is as much about Fraces (played amazingly well by Neve Campbell) as it is about Scott (played incredibly, as usual, by Jeremy Irons). As I said, this is gonna bore a lot of you, but there a few that I know would like this.

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