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Have you seen the FuckList?

So, today, I was introduced to the 'fucklist' community, where you tell, of your LJ buds, who you'd do, and possibly why. Well, what the Hell...

insteadofsilent - for being the wonderful woman that she is (and she's my S.O.)...love you, darlin'
angelz - for having a great sense of fun...and a nice upper half
brokencrown - for having a romantic side that I can relate to, and a playful side that I like
cheaps1utsavior - for being close, being a friend, being fun, and telling me a long time ago that I was one of the people she wanted to screw
corachaos - for being one of the smartest, coolest and most intelligent people I have ever talked to
catherine - for having a body that won't quit
devilsdarling - for being gorgeous, and hella cool
fallenautumn - for being a good friend, and very sweet, as well as beautiful and sexy
hazeleyedgal_25 - for being fun, flirtatious, hot, and sweet...and having a killer smile
gigivontrapp - for being sexy and fun, for excellent fashion sense, and for her piercings
imjstagrrl - for being just wonderfully erotic
imperfectangel - for a whole list of reasons...Hey hun!
littlelamb - for being beautiful, and for those LIPS!
meowlet - for being real, and real good-looking
ouchouch - for being as smart as she is beautiful
poseidon210 - for the tattoos
ravenlace - for being so much like me that it would be scary, but fun
horsepucky - for being jaw-droppingly attractive, as well as overtly sexually fun
sensi - for being as beautiful as she is sensitive
something - for having guts, brains, and good looks rolled up into one package
squishybear - for being the adorable sweetheart that she is
sylvaine2001 - for being one of my closest friends, even after we called off the engagement, and for the memories
nysidra - for being sexy, intelligent, fun, and knowing that there is just something about brash amorality and not being worried about it...

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