God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

RIP Fred "Mister" Rogers

"Mister" Rogers died of stomach cancer early this morning at his Pittsburgh home.

OK, you know, say what you will about Fred...say that he was weird, say that he was queer, say that he was scary. Any and all may be true. However, this is also someone I respect, for one very simple reason: this is a guy with a vision that I agreed with, and who stuck to his guns in the face of change. He wanted to reach kids, help them, teach them, and chose to do it through television. 32 years, he did this, and in all of it, did he resort to anything 'popular' or flashy? No. He kept with his idea, and presented a safe, non-threatening, non-trendy atmosphere, wrote his own little songs, did a bunch of the puppetry himself...and presented a show that made a child actually pay attention and LISTEN. How many 'children's shows' do that anymore? Hell, even Sesame Street started giving in to popular culture.

So sleep well, Fred. You earned it. Welcome to the final neighborhood.

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