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Where Are They Now?

You know, it's always sort of odd to look up someone you think is cool, and find out they are complete loonies.

Take Amelia Kinkade, for example. Yes, I'm quite aware that no one out there knows who I'm talking about...and if you do, well, you just earned cool points in my book. Ms. Kinkade was an actress who didn't do much. In fact, other than the horror flick "Night Of The Demons" (and sequels 2 and 3, and yes I own all of them), her appearances have been a few TV episodes and some uncredited 'dancer' parts (in 'Road House', for one). Kinda sad for the niece of actress Rue McClanahan, and someone that was formerly a professional jazz dancer and choreographer, with years of dance training under some big names.

Still, not that I cared...after all, I'm a huge fan of bad movies, and the 'Night of the Demons' films are definitely that. Add to that my normal preoccupation with dark but attractive goth-like chicks, and you can see why I always thought she was a hottie. Well, on a lark, today I decided to see what ever became of her. Imagine my surprise to find that not only did she basically abandon movies (not that I blame her), but also discovered that she is now works as an "animal communicator" (claiming to have a psychic ability to speak with animals).

Yep, you heard right. "Animal Psychic".

*ahem* Huh-wha?

Well...shattered THAT image, I can tell you that. She has a website, AmeliaKinkade.com, but it doesn't appear to be working at the moment, which is probably a good thing. I don't think I could look at it just this moment. I'm still trying to reconcile the loony animal psychic with the scary demon chick I always had the hots for.

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