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Do I Just Fucking Attract This?

I swear...either I really am an emotional masochist, or some deity has it in for me.

So you may or may not have read back far enough to have caught my rants about Alice, and her moving out. And you may even have read about how she made plans to pay me the money she owes me ($300 rounded down). You might even have read how she didn't pay me on the day she would, and the next payday came and went with no contact, and I was gonna give her a week to do something before I made any comments to her.

Well, fuck all that.

I had wondered why she hadn't been on AIM for a long time. Today I discovered that she has BLOCKED me. What a friend. Smiles to my face, the couple times she runs into me, but doesn't not make the slightest effort to contact me, fulfill her obligations, or have the least to do with me, infact goes out of her way to show that she wants nothing to do with me.

Well, fine. I was there for her, I supported her, I did anything she wanted me to do, because I was her friend. She bailed on me, betrayed me, and then disrespected me.

I guess she's no longer my friend.

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