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Lazy Wednesday

I took today off of work, and damn am I glad I did. I needed this. Stayed up until 4:30 in the morning chatting with priestofcards, which was cool...he agrees with everyone else on the Alice thing. I sent her an e-mail to both of her known addys letting her know that I was annoyed, as well as messengering her though I'm willing to bet she won't respond to that. I'm actually thinking of calling her here in about 20 minuites, just to be thorough.

Woke up at 12:30...how nice that was! May be going to see Thrill Kill Kult tonight...we'll see. Molly is having problems, so can no longer join me for the show, so I gave the extra ticket to 01flux.

On to more mundane things...yes, I watch 'Friends', but then, I think Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox are both hot. So what the hell, let's see what 'Friends' character I am:


Could you be any more like Chandler? The most lovable wiseguy around, you've got more than a little Bing inside you, don't 'cha? Front and center in your Chandler-ness is that unstoppable wit, keeping everyone in stitches (or at least deflecting uncomfortable situations). And like the Chan-Chan man, you'd never leave your pals out in the cold. But your generosity is so inconspicuous that people often don't even notice it.

Romantically, a soft, sweet, heart and charming, insecurity rule. You might, however, be held back from love by that nagging little fear of, well, growing up. Ya think? But, like the adorable Mr. Bing himself, it's just because you care so much and don't want to let anyone down.

I was gonna get weird about that, then I thought about it: Joey's fun but clueless, and Ross is a neurotic dumbass. So, OK, I can be a 'Chandler'. He's my kinda guy.

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