God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

I Hate Reading The News, Sometimes

Harping On Dubya: I'm sorry...I try not to harp on Shrub, really I do...but he makes it so damn easy.

According to this article, Georgie-Porgie has declared that, concerning the potential of North Korea to start manufacturing nuclear weapons, that there were diplomatic ways of handling it, and hoping that other countries such as CHina, Russia, South Korea, and Japan would help convince them that making nukes was a bad idea. However, he went on to say that ""If they don't work diplomatically, they'll have to work militarily. And military option is our last choice. Options are on the table, but I believe we can deal with this diplomatically. I truly do."

Since when are we rulers of the world? Since when did we turn into the barbarians of the planet? Since when are we the ones that makes the decisions for the rest of the planet, and then threaten to bomb you back to the Stone Age if you don't do it? Christ, we're turning into the terrorists. Add to that the fact that it almost seems like, for all the posturing, the rest of the world is content to sit back and let us do it, and why not? It keeps us off of THEIR backs, and let's us be the scapegoat...the others have to live over there.

I'm torn between my annoyance at my own country for its idiocy, and my annoyance at the rest of the world for ITS idiocy. Makes me think of something Larry Flynt once said: "Hey! Why do I have to go to jail to support YOUR freedom?"

Tax Cuts: Well, it's always a nice thing to hear, right? That taxes are to be cut? Sure! And just as soon as you are a foreigner betting on an American horse race, or the maker of a particular fishing tackle box, or the manager of a company that sells diluted diesel fuel, you'll get it.

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