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Isaac and I debating Bush's methods, earlier:

discordian: It hurts me to say it, because.. believe me. I agree with you. Shrub is an idiot.
discordian: But I think he's got this one right on the money.
archmage: I'm not debating that the final action is the right thing to do
archmage: I'm just saying the methods are wrong
discordian: He's found the G-spot, and the world's about to shoot one monster, silky-black load.
archmage: ok, THAT was a scary analogy
discordian: The masses are nothing but cogs in the machine. The economy got a little boost and started a slow climb as soon as the war talks started.
archmage: But those cogs ARE the machine
archmage: (I can't believe I'm talking to a Russian, and *I* sound like the communist)
discordian: *LMAO*

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