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And so, Our Chapter Ends on a Sad Note.

That's it. To Hell with Alice.

So, in light of my annoyance, does she even TRY to contact me? No, I get another e-mail full of attitude:

when i asked you about the drugs being in the house you acted and made me feel like i was in the
wrong upset. and the really upset me. The way that you treated me wheni came to help you and
Heidi move her stuff brandon and i are the only ones who lifted a finger to move anything. i can
understand that Heidi didnt help her mind wa not there but you had me,Scott and Brandon help to
move all of the stuff. I never broke any plans with you i just didnt make any. I thought that
you would want to spend the rest of the time you had here with Heidi.And the reason that i
blocked is cause you kept asking me aboput that money and upseting me at work. And no Frank i
could no thave paid you that money i was and stillam barely making enough money to feed my self
the money i put in to my first months rent was almost a whole paycheck but the money i had went
in to stuff that i need to take care of like my van. Not stuff that i just wanted.And when i
tried telling you that i didnt have the money you got upset and acted like i was lying to you.
you never took the time to listen to me.And while i'm thinking about it I'm sorry that the drug
thing isnt that big of a deal to you No offence to eric but i left the getto when i left Memphis
i didnt need to be back there and i tried to make you understand that it made me VERY VERY VERY
uncomfortable BUt once again you made me feel like i was some how in the wrong for being upset
and to tell you the truth Frank that hurt and pissed me off. And yes you where very
understanding about letting me stay there when i had no money and if you feel i owe you i'll try
to pay you back but i guess i just kinda figured that i helped you you would in turn help
me.and i didnt pull away from my friend i was ina new place and wanted to see what it was like
from many diff. points of view i just happen to find one i really liked.and like anyone no i
dont like losing a friend when that friend takes the time to understand that they are making
there frined very unhappy.but i guess it that is the way life goes.

I spent an hour and a half, pointing out why all her excuses were bullshit, and why they did not deflect any blame from her. I also added that if she actually cared, she should face me like an adult.

I'm not sure she read my e-mail at all, the selfish bitch. And frankly, it's over.

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