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THe Trials Of Henry Kissinger: Impressive and well put together. This is a documentary, so I won't most of what I could say about a film doesn't apply (acting, sets, writing, etc.). I will say that this is well worth seeing, though: it definitely puts a new perspective on the man that won the Nobel Peace Prize for ending the war in Vietnam. Amazing what he was really doing behind the scenes. Do I honestly think he was guilty of 'war crimes'? No, not really...war is Hell, and you have tough choices to make sometimes. Do I think he made the right ones? HArd to say, since I wasn't there, but it doesn't always sound like he did. Still, for whatever 'evils' he may have committed, he is still one of the people I respect hghly, but not for his diplomatic abilty; I admire him for his drive and ability, for his ambition for power and his work to get it...and use of it.

He himself said it best: "Some people think that you can hold the STate to the same moral code that you can hold an individual to, and that just isn't possible. Sometimes, you are forced to choose, not the right or wrong course of action, but between evils." I think some of the present-day war protesters need to learn this.

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