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More Survey Idiocy

Well, this one is at least mildly different from the annoying ones I've been posting lately...

Number of people on my LJ friends list: 41 (Damn! How did that happen?)

... whom I've met in person: 16
... whom I've met in person more than once: 11
... whose house I've been to: 8
... who have been to my house: 7 (to be fair, most of these are now or have been my roomies, same above)
... whose precise geographic I am aware of: 29
... whose full names I know offhand: 15
... whom I've followed/been in touch with for more than 3 years: 4
... who live outside my country: 4
... whose journal I consider myself "addicted" to: 13
... whom I've lived with: 6
... whose ex I slept with: 0
... who I'd do (in the most polite way possible!): 23...yes, I'm a closet slut, but I'm honest

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