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FRIDAY!!! For better or for worse...

So. Friday. Prolly the first one in a long time that I have no plans. Karma will get me for that, I'm sure.

Let's see, conversational topics for today:

Have to clean the apartment this weekend...needs doing. Will have to wait on a coule things until I get paid, but can certainly get the basics covered. Laundry, too. Goddess, I'm domestic sometimes...

Thane called me out of the blue, which is cool. Thane is my buddy, 50-something, ex-Navy, Deadhead, looks like a Hell's Angel. He's bribing me with tequila to come fix his computer again...yeah, like I'll say no. And we have the same taste in tequila...

Not going into detail, but I do actually hope things work out with velvetacidgrrrl. I'm not sure how great an idea it is, but I support it anyway. Just be careful, and be safe...and think about everything, that's all I ask.

Found something online that kicks entirely too much ass: The HeroMachine. The gamer with no freehand artistic ability is screaming 'Woo-Hoo!!!'.

Oh, one last thing. After the TKK show, sitting around the Hurricane with Christelle (i_feel_sick), Jayne (teknoerotoskizm), Rayce (rayce), and Stephanie (01flux), I was reaching to get my cellphone, which was in the pocket of my leather pants. I had to stand up to get it out, and Rayce gets an evil grin and says 'look, he has a bulge', to which I responded 'yeah, and it vibrates'. Thus, I gained the temporary nickname 'Vibrating Bulge'. You can imagine the laughing convo after that! Later, driving home, Steph and I took this joke further, and came up with the superhero team 'Vibrating Bulge, and his sidekick, The Androgyne Child'. Well, much merriment was had by all, and we laughed about my writing the story, if she'd illustrate it. Well, last night, we finally get home, and I'm called out to the front room, and handed something that Steph says she did for me while she was bored between classes. Lo and behold, I have an full page depiction of the heroic duo! How cool is that? She's so awesome. I'm gonna frame it, I know I will...and I already have an origin story in mind...and we've already talked about their first bad guys they will face are 2 7-foot tall chicks in peasant blouses and PVC full skirts and cinchers, the Swiss Mistresses!

We're so weird...I love it...

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