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Last Word On Seattle Trip (Probably)

OK, so, for those that care, here's the skinny:

Saturday, leaving here 10, maybe 10:30-ish, and plan to be at the Black Drop in Bellingham around 3-ish. Dunno how long I'll hang around there, but long enough to try and see people, and enjoy the company. Head back down to Seattle, maybe have dinner with someone (erotocism? Lee? anyone?), and hang out with rayce that night.

Sunday, I'll be hanging with dravengodvamp and velvetacidgrrrl most of the day, I hope, including heading up for those gravesite pix, but I do plan on lunch with anyone and everyone who will join me. I'm thinking IHOP in Cap Hill...unless anyone has a better idea, say noon? superfledermaus, planetnikita, you guys have to be there (for reasons we already know, eh?), and I'm hoping for others (isisinvinyl? etherpunk? gravesme? necrobutcher? violetvixen? kespernorth? Anyone else?). Come break bread with me, that would rock.

See you guys this weekend.

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