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I just discovered some extremely disturbing news. Chatting back and forth with an old friend, I discovered that, apparently, another old acquaintance has held a bit of a grudge against me for years...something to the effect that she strongly dislikes me for spreading a bunch of rumours that caused problems between her and now husband, in the beginning. She has harbored this hatred for all this time (they've been married for 8 years now).

Now, her opinion, I'm not as worried about, since she and I were never that close, however, I am starting to wonder if she hasn't got her husband thinking this as well, which would explain his complete lack of response to me since I discovered his LJ and tried to catch up with him.

Needless to say, this REALLY hurts and upsets me...and obviously, there's nothing I can do about it from here. Hell, after 8 friggin' years, there may be nothing I can do about it at all. All I can say is that I do not recall having anything against them, nor speaking out against it. The husband was my friend, had been for a long time, and he showed a lot of character and integrity. Besides, not only can I not recall doing something like this, it doesn't even SOUND like something I would have said/done.

This just really bothers me...I hate to lose a friend. I know that it's been ages since we talked, but to find out that part of the reason may be something like THIS...well, I just don't like that. Especially since not only distance but time prevents me from defending myself.

This has put a serious damper on my mood.

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