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Weekend Update - Full Version

Well, the main good news is that I did not get sick, for a change. However, I'm sure that is not what you were curious about, if you were indeed curious. Onward with the transcripts, and accompanying pictures can be found here.

WE actually made great time up to Seattle, so we dropped in at my old buddy Thane's house. I had forgotten that Thane works graveyard shift at the airport nowadays, so he was a tad groggy, but glad to see me anyway. Caught up with him for an hour or so, and then headed for Bellingham. Why is it that I only seem to discover interesting and cool places when I move away from somewhere, or at least when I cannot get there easily? I dunno, but that's the way it seems to be. Still, we arrived at The Black Drop, where kitters made me the biggest mocha I've ever seen (man, order a large and you better not be making any plans!). I wish I'd gotten a pic of it, this huge mocha with sprinkles and everything...and, damn, was it good. Spent the next couple hours chatting with her, cheapdialogue, gothkittyn, and i_am_smrat. shadowpixie even showed up, which I was not expecting (schedules and sleep being priorities), so that was tres cool. All things must end, though, even if PETA had welcomed me there ;) Off we went, promising to return someday.

Went back down into Seattle, hung out with velvetacidgrrrl and dravengodvamp for a little while before heading down to rayce's for the night. Haven't seen her in almost a year, so it was fun to hang out again, though, admittedly, I did end up spending most of the night playing 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City'. Rayce was just about in stitches hearing Di and I giggling and laughing before we finally passed out. Morning came, and off we went.

Back to Doug and Chamblin's place for a little bit, then down to Capitol Hill for lunch, where plenty of people showed up, which rocked. Almost everyoine that said they'd be there was there, and even a couple of surprises: (erotocism and Jason, Lee, Marten, superfledermaus and his son, planetnikita, violetvixen and a couple of her friends, Sandie (my old boss) and her daughter, and Kelly (an old friend from EarthLink). Also got to see a couple of Jason's figurines that he has sculpted...damn, brother, all I can say is amazing work! The biggest surprise was still to come, however, as I was to sign off for the legal end of the wedding between planetnikita and superfledermaus. I'll be performing the actual ceremony as well, but that isn't until Halloween. Still, things went well, and they are very happy.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing at D&C's place, where I got to see Six-String Samurai for the first time in years...man, I love that flick, and apparently it's been re-released to DVD, so maybe I can track down a copy if I ever have any money. Doug made a kick ass bunch of fajita burritos, and we hit the road again, arriving home at midnight.

The only dark mark on the whole thing was that Di discovered, when we got home, that one of her bills got paid twice. Since it was a payment on a bank loan, they won't give the extra payment back, and that cut our money in half, for the next month. I may be eatign more Ramen thatn I ever have for a while, but we'll make it.

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