God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

A Couple Thoughts on The War

Not haggling about good or evil, just thinking...cut for those who are tired of reading anything about it.

I gotta say that I am pleased with the reports coming out of Iraq at some of their violations of the Geneva Convention, such as the hospital that some Iraqi troops were using as a base of operations (which has since been taken and liberated, for lack of a better term). This does lend a certain credence to our actions there, and maybe will help get us the support that we probably should have gotten before all this started. I'm also pleased with some of the reports of Iraqi rebellion, in favor of the conflict (against Hussein). Again, it strengthens our world position, and that was something I was concerned about with this situation.

Interesting to note that in a recent attack, even though the Iraqi forces were basically slammed, they managed to knock out 2 Abrams tanks. Since no Abrams has been taken out previously, this is something to be looked at.

The 'elite Republican Guard' is still being referred to as the opponent we have to watch out for, but these guys are equipped with 30year old T-72 tanks...somehow, I'm still not worried. Bill HIcks did a bit about the first Gulf War, and I'd love to hear what he would have to say about this one...sadly, he's no longer with us. Still, his take on the 'Republican Guard' was a riot.

I'm also still concerned with the post-war environment. The US seems to be ready to basically take over sole-control, and that's not a good idea. Considering the sitch of our going in, it seems like it would be smarter to let the UN take that control, even if we are a major player in it. Shiite opposition to Hussein is helping things, and NOT acting like controlling bulklyboys afterwards would go a long way towards KEEPING some kind of relationship there. Assuming control of Iraq would only piss them off, and where would we be then? We'd be trading one enemy for another...vicious cycle. Let's hope that Bush gets a brain. Besides, allowing the UN to handle it would not only show Iraq that our enemy was Hussein, not Iraq, but would also show the world in general that we aren't as bad as we have come across here.

Lastly, who's bright idea was it to have Rumsfeld anywhere in government? Everytime this guy opens his mouth, he says something incredibly stupid that annoys people. Jesus, keep this guy away from the public. Powell may be a warhawk, but at least he's smart enough to know how to watch his speech to the general public...Rumsfeld is just a whackjob.

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