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Change Of Pace

Well, still not reaally 'sick' per se, so that's a plus. After Bug went to bed last night, I laid out on the couch with 'Samurai Cat Goes To Hell', and after zoning in and out for an hour and a half, went to bed uncharacteristically early. Woke up bright and early this morning, and feeling pretty good, so maybe I'll beat this yet, on sheer force of willpower.

Called multi_jinx this morning to wish her Happy Birthday. Too bad I'm better about things than her jackass husband. Well, she made her bed, now she lies in it.

I just can't get excited about it being Friday anymore...maybe due to the fact that I don't work. Still, it's nice to know the weekend is coming, and that means more time with zombiedip, which is always a plus. Deleted all my bookmarks for online comics...finally realized that I haven't read any of them in something like 6 months, and not missing it.

Too many things I'm seeing from people that bother me. Whether that is people I think are making a mistake, or people just in bad situations that I wish I could help, ro whatever, it just sucks. Eh, but what can I do? Not a helluva lot.

Wow...energy today. Cool. Wakka!

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