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Odd Projects

Looks like I'll have another project in the near future, but one that is unlike anything I've done. Di's mom is thinking of doing a book of derelict barns and buildings around her area, with some poetry and text, and I'll be helping to get the photos, lay it out, etc...should be interesting.

Speaking of Di's family, her sister sent two older VCRs home with me, to try and fix...I guess I really have impressed them, or at least made myself appear pretty knowledgeable of odd and eclectic things. Which I am. Still, strange.

Thanks to karzon, I've got a shitload more Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, Basement Jaxx, Dust Brothers, etc. The crowning pieces, though, were some recordings of jahnji spinning...damn, he's incredible. I really need to get out to hear him live soon.

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