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Minor Game Company Rant

I hate it when a game company puts oput something that adds on to a previous game, but changes some things in it, so that stuff is now screwed up. Specifically, Electronic Arts, Maxis Division, 'The Sims'.

OK, so you have 'The Sims', right? And you go online and find various skins you like, etc., and add them to your game. OK, no worries. Expansion packs start getting released. Cool, cool, more things you can add and use, more richness and depth to the game. Then, with a new pack, they decide (since they've added the ability to shop for clothing within the game) to go and completely redo the skin naming system. The end result is that most of your skin sets that you've had for a while no longer work properly. Have they ever added anything that would fix this? Nope. Not even in subsequent expansions.

Not only does this make characters look odd, the main program (unsupported by EA, of course) out there to change default skins has trouble recognizing those old skins, since it is set to work with the expanded game. Hell, the damn thing doesn't even work right with XP without adding a tiny file, but that is on the fault of the programmer, not EA. Just annoys me, but I fixed it, so who cares?

Well, that was pointless...just had to get that out. As you were.

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