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I Hate My Joints And Musculature

Man, about halfway through yesterday, my entire body started hurting...this cold or whatever it is is just slowly creeping over me, and doesn't wanna go away or speed up. By the time I went to bed, I was one big sore spot...hell, I was hurting in places I need three mirrors just to see. The raw spot in my throat didn't help matters any.

I might have been in a better mood, but I had to turn a webpage into a PDF file for a web project. Normally, this wouldn't be that hard, but the client wants certain things included on it, and they are clueless. The problem is that if things are laid out the way they wanted, it'll take up 4 pages...and they want it to be 2. Well, guess what, buddy, I'm not David Copperfield, I can't make 2 pages magically disappear, Still, the page code was generated by Dreamweaver (*shudder* Ewwww...HTML editors*), so a little cleaning of the code and fixing it made it all possible. Took fuckin' forever, but it worked, so the client should be happy. Then I looked at the clock and realized that I hadn't had anything to eat, drink, or smoke for 6 hours...no wonder I was bitchy.

Throat seems to be better today...but the day ain't over yet.

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